Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Fishing for Largemouth bass

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Largemouth bass

Renowned for their explosive strikes and spectacular leaps the Largemouth bass is revered by millions of anglers in America, while most European fisherman don't realise what a fantastic stock we have in Portugal.

The reservoirs along the Guadiana river basin probably produce some of the best Largemouth bass fishing in Europe. The Largemouth bass with its ferocious appetite and aggressive strikes at the bait provides great sport for new and experienced anglers.
Fishing from the boat we can hunt and find the bait fish silently with the electric motor and sonar. Find the bait fish, usually bleak, and the Largemouth bass is not far away.
Large mouth bass
Many of the anglers from Northern Europe who come fishing with me for Largemouth bass are suprised how the nature of the bites can change during the course of the days fishing. In the early morning the bass are exploding on the surface chasing poppers,
and in the afternoon tiny touches nipping at a jigged jelly worm.

Most of the fishing is with lures, poppers, plugs and crank baits, and fly fishing for Largemouth bass can be great fun.

The image opposite is a 3kg Largemouth Bass
caught by Fernando Martins in Febuary 2013 at one of our favorite reservoirs.

A days fishing with guide and boat, plus rods and reels 170 Euros, with your own rod 150 euros per day, 2 people.

Pick up at Faro airport Friday night / Saturday morning. 2 days fishing and accommodation returning to Faro airport Monday morning. 495 Euros.

Trips can be tailored to suit your needs.

Written by Russell Oram.                       
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