Fishing the Guadiana
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Coarse fishing in Portugal.

Whichever style of fishing you prefer works on the river. A few good swims can be reached by car or foot, although the best fishing is to be had from one of our boats.
Cage feeders and in line methods are my preferred style. A good feeder rod or an Avon type rod is perfect.16.5 kg carp from Guadiana
Hooks, size10 barbless for the winter, and in the summer months, size 8 barbless up to size 2.
The line, 3kg minimum; any less and some of the fish will snap it like cotton. I always use a 4kg mono when I'm feeder fishing or 6kg braid when using a bite alarm and bolt rig method. When fishing for Comizo, I don't go lower than 9 kg braid. 
Baits: in the winter the biggest mixed bags fall to maggots and sweet corn on a feeder, with the bigger fish on five or six hair rigged sweet corn or hair rigged prawn.
In the summer, it's sweet corn or prawn, also luncheon meat, or fish strips for the bigger Comizo. If you use maggots in the summer, you will be swarmed by small fish: Barbel, Carp, Nace, Bass, Mullet, Eels, you just can't get to the bigger fish.
We haven't tried boilies or pellets yet, but will be doing so over the next year and will report on the results.
We will be keeping several swims well baited throughout the season. No problems with other anglers in your swim. You very rarely see another fisherman.   

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