Fishing the Guadiana


  Comizo Barbel

The Iberian Barbel (Luciobarbus comizo) is a ray-finned fish species in the family Cyprinidae. Its genus is very closely related to the other typical barbels and perhaps better considered a mere subgenus of Barbus. This large barbel can grow to over 1mtr and over 17kg.
The Comizo is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, where it occurs in both Portugal and Spain. It inhabits the slow-moving middle and lower parts of river and reservoirs  of the Guadiana River' drainage basin. Its habitat are deep and slow moving waters with abundant aquatic vegetation and gravel or rocky bottom. The bigger fish feed mainly at night, and early morning responding to prebaited swims. Favorite bailts are sweet corn, worms, and small dead baits. Time and effort must be put in to get a response.

Comizo-BarbelThe larger Cozimo barbel  can be caught from a boat using the same tactics as for  Zander, with a weighted jig head and and jelly shad. This 4kg Comizo took a  15cm black jelly worm jigged in 16mts of water.

Written by Russell Oram.
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