Fishing in Portugal

Fly fishing for Allis Shad

The Shad, once abundant in Europe, but now sadly in decline, still run the Guadiana. These mini Tarpon give excellent sport on the fly with spectacular leaps and long runs.Twaite-shad

From mid April until the end of June,excellent fishing can be had from the banks, but the best fishing is from one of our boats with a guide. With a 6wt or an 8wt rod with a floating line and sink tip, and gold sparkler for all day action.

The river contains mainly Twaite Shad but also running alongside are a few, but bigger Allis shad. These fish pound for pound probably fight harder than rainbows with their lightning fast runs and spectacular leaps. Every take could be a record. That is what fishing in Portugal is all about.

Where are we.
We are in the small river side town of Mertola, which is on the river Guadiana in Portugal.

What's on offer.

Days fishing with guide and boat, plus rod and reel 170 Euros, with your own rod 150 euros per day.

Pick up at Faro airport Friday night / Saturday morning. 2 days fishing and accommodation returning to Faro airport Monday morning. 495 Euros.

Trips can be tailored to suit your needs.                                                                             Fly fishing for Shad

Salt water fly rods  APT.87 Santa Barbara de nexe. Faro 8006-701.
                            Portugal    Tel. 00351 919316024                   

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